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NBP International Inc, Montreal, Canada
– An extensive selection of asphalt fiberglass roofing shingles, cedar shingles, cedar siding (cladding or clapboard) and cedar decking/planks including a complete collection of accessory products. Serving international markets for over 20 years.


About Us

  • We serve Distributors located outside of North America.
  • We serve Distributors on an exclusive territory basis.
  • We serve Contractors, Architects, Project Managers & Builders for specific projects.
  • We assist customers to obtain financial credit terms.
  • We only serve the international markets.and they will only serve us if we take a long-term view of supporting them.


NBP International was founded in 1988 with a mandate to develop international markets for Building Products of Canada Corporation.

Building Products of Canada Corporation, founded over 100 years ago is amongst the oldest asphalt roofing and asphalt shingle manufacturer in North America. Building Products of Canada Corp’s. Montreal asphalt shingle factory is among the 5 largest asphalt shingle factories in the World, producing over 60,000,000m² each year.

NBP cedar shingles, siding (also known as planks, clapboard or cladding) and decking have been used for over 100 hundred years to cover roofs, walls, balconies and exterior decks. NBP uses Eastern White Cedar, a timber with equal durability to Western Red Cedar. It is a light straw color which ages to a silver grey. NBP cedar shingles and siding are manufactured to meet or exceed Canadian standards. Cedar Singles, Siding, Planks

We seek to develop strong distribution relationships internationally, with exclusive territories the preferred route to success.


Extensive range of: asphalt fibreglass roofing shingles, cedar roof shingles, cedar siding/cladding/planking/decking profiles.


Many decades of practical experience tailoring products to export/import markets. We are knowledgeable, detailed  and  committed to meeting your  needs.

Our experienced team can provide recommendations and answer all questions.

Attention to Detail + After Sales Service + Product knowledge